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5 Things You Wish You Had The Guts To Say

I found this on the blog “Thought Catalog” and thought it was pretty funny. It is probably a good thing that people don’t have the guts to say some of these things… but even so, there are times when it would be ridiculously satisfying to just say what you are thinking. Even if you are the nicest person in the entire world, I’m sure that you have been in at least one of these situations. I know I have.


5 Things You Wish You Had The Guts To Say by Ryan O’Connell

1. Tell your annoying friend that you don’t want to hang out anymore

We all have those friends who haven’t received the “THIS FRIENDSHIP IS OVER” memo. They still ask to hang out, still send us desperate texts and what can we do? String them along by giving then false promises obviously. “I’ve been really busy” or “I had cholera” are all valid excuses that have bought you time until the next run-in. You fill them with lies because you think it’s doing them a favor but in reality, it probably just makes them feel more rejected. But telling them the truth is also a harsh bummer. You don’t want to openly be an asshole. That’s socially unacceptable! Being a flaky bad friend, however, is. Weird, right? If being honest with someone was socially acceptable, we’d be all over it. Who knows, maybe it will be one day! In the meantime, we must continue to ignore those texts and feign an illness once a month. Because it’s the “right” thing to do…

2. Scream at a complete stranger

You know who I hate? Those people who stand on the street with those little clipboards and ask you, “Do you have a second for human rights?” or “Do you care about gay marriage?” You know they just want money from you but the way they phrase the question always makes you feel like such a jerk. I always get the gay marriage question because, duh, I’m gay and I really just want to tell them, “You know what? I do care about gay marriage. You know I care about gay marriage. That’s why you asked me. But I’m not in the mood to be guilt tripped into making a donation and I’m also kind of late meeting this guy who I plan to have sex with. Bye!” Wouldn’t that be awesome? Unfortunately, you would be seen as a psycho person with no soul so you can’t do anything except avert their eyes and keep on walking. Social acceptability strikes again! If I’m having a really bad day though, I’m just so tempted to be that crazy man in Rite Aid who’s yelling at the cashier for running out of his favorite conditioner. Instead of being That Guy, I just go home and release my anger in unhealthier ways like everybody else. Yay?

3. Just say no

If I could do it without burning bridges and looking like the # 1 mean girl, I would just say no to so many of the things that are asked of me. “No, I’m not going to write this article”, “No, I don’t want to hear about your dog”, “No, I don’t want to get drinks with you.” Just no. It might be the most liberating word in the English dictionary but you can’t say it that often because that would be…bad? I’m not really sure. I think if more people did something as simple as clicking “Not Attending” on a Facebook event invite instead of “Maybe”, the world would be a happier and most honest place. Can we just start with Facebook? “I AM NOT ATTENDING YOUR STUPID VISUAL LIGHT SHOW IN PARK SLOPE. LEAVE ME ALONE!” Ugh, it feels so good to even type it out. It feels like I just drank two glasses of “Truth’” wine.

4. When people ask how you are, tell them the truth

Okay, this one makes me sort of a hypocrite. On the rare occasion that someone actually tells me how they’re doing, I’m usually just like, “Ew. Just tell me you’re doing fine like everyone else!” While it’s true that laying all of your shit out on a random person can be weird, people could stand to be a little less robotic with their responses. “I’m doing great!”, they’ll say through clenched teeth before taking a big gulp from a glass of wine. Excuse me but part of the reason why people drink so much is because they can’t be “real” in so many situations. You aren’t allowed to be honest when you’re sober. That’s too weird! But get blackout wasted and tell me you hate me, and that’s totes fine!

5. Tell your ex: “I’m not happy that you’re happy!”

Running into exes is the worst. You have to stand there and lie about how amazing everything is in your life when you really just want to say “Screw you. Let’s get naked!” If you can have entire conversations that are knowingly comprised of BS, why can’t you have a conversation where you speak the truth? The worst is when your ex is like, “Oh and I have a new significant other now!” and you have to be like, “Oh my god, I’m so happy for you!” No, you’re not. You’re furious! This person saw you naked and now he’s seeing another naked body while you’re in a relationship with your DVR. Wouldn’t it feel so good to just respond with “Really? This news makes me feel terrible. I want you to go away now!” Yes. It would. It would feel so good until you realized you came off like a crazy person for actually speaking your mind. How dare you say what everyone is already thinking! You truly are nuts!

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In Defense of the Royal Wedding

Want to know what I am more sick of than hearing news about the royal wedding? People saying how sick they are of hearing news about the royal wedding.

Now, I might not be the best person to speak out about this – I absolutely love weddings and everything about them – but I am not quite sure why people are getting so angry about hearing about this major event. These people will one day be the king and queen of England! Even if they are just figurehead positions, that is a role that comes with a lot of social responsibility. I, for one, love hearing about a famous couple who really has no choice about whether they are famous or not – he was born into it and she just happened to fall in love with him – and are dignified, sophisticated, and elegant in the public eye. Cut them some slack.

We had a conversation about this at work the other day and one of the women I work for made a great point: our society is so centered around “celebrities” – Jersey Shore, Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, the Kardashians, Charlie Sheen, the list goes on and on – what is so wrong with England and the rest of the world being excited about one of the biggest weddings of this century? The royal family and the importance of weddings goes back many, many generations. It is a tradition – a solid, important, and beautiful tradition. I mean, hello, 750 million people watched Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding while 600,000 more people lined the streets to catch a glimpse of the couple. Not to mention that we still talk about that wedding – the dress, the enormity, all of it – and it’s 30 years later!

So will I turn on my TV at 2 a.m. tonight to watch the wedding? Well, probably not. But do I look forward to reading articles about it and will I check entertainment websites and watch TLC tomorrow to see photos and videos of the wedding? You better believe it!

As far as celebrities and media obsessions go – William and Kate are probably on the bottom end of the “ridiculous” scale. I would much rather hear about them than some of the other crap that is covered by our media.

And hey, what girl doesn’t fantasize of being a princess? She is living every little girl’s dream. (Not to mention – look at that ring!)

Prince William and Kate engagement photo

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Amazing Video Editing – Symmetry

In my Journalism 303 class we are learning how to edit video for the web. Each class meeting we look at about 5 videos that display different types of editing, sound effects, filming techniques, etc. Yesterday, we watched the following video (found on Vimeo) and it blew me away.

Note: I tried to embed the video, but it appeared as though the embed code wasn’t working properly. I will try to embed it at a later time, but for now here is the link to Symmetry.

The clips are fantastic. The sound is even better – pay attention when the adult is walking the baby across the pool deck. It is amazing that you can hear the foot steps over the music. That displays some pretty amazing sound editing skills.

One thing that I like about Vimeo over YouTube is that there seems to be more of a standard for the video quality. They have less “amateur” videos and it is easier to find something of higher quality, perhaps filmed and edited with more experience. There is also a certain journalistic quality found on many of the Vimeo videos that I have seen. And, well, as a journalism student I am naturally drawn to those types of videos. (Don’t get me wrong – YouTube definitely has its perks – hello, David After Dentist or Honey Badger anyone? – but Vimeo and YouTube serve different purposes. And yes, we did watch both of those videos in my Journalism 303 class.)

What did you think? What are your favorite YouTube and Vimeo videos?

P.S. The other videos posted by Everynone on Vimeo are also worth checking out. You will not be disappointed.

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Bull Riding

Here is a video of our very own Elizabeth Layton riding a steer in the Cal Poly Rodeo on Open House weekend.

She is pretty awesome, don’t you think? That was only the second time she had ever been on a steer, and she won the competition (along with a belt buckle)! So glad I caught this on video. Congrats, Liz!

Want to see more of my videos? Check out my YouTube channel!

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SF Giants Sing to “Dynamite”

This video was playing on the Giants website when I went on today to look up the schedule and ticket prices. It pretty much speaks for itself.

Is there anything better than the Giants? What awesome athletes and entertainers.

I bet you are wondering about the kid in the video (because we all already know Ross, Wilson, and Seymour). Well his name is Keenan Cahill and he was born with a very rare disorder called MPS VI. Over the past year or so he has become somewhat of a YouTube sensation. The video parodies started as a hobby (isn’t that always the case?) with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and soon went viral. He was born with a rare If you want to know more about Keenan Cahill, who he is, and what he does, you should visit his website.

And, of course, here is the link to the San Francisco Giants website.

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Awkward (yet Awesome) Senior Portraits

With graduation coming up I have had to make a lot of decisions: where to move after June, which diploma frame to purchase, how many announcements to order, and whether or not to get senior portraits taken. I was leaning towards “not” in regards to the portrait, however something I just came across may have changed my mind – not sure if I can allow myself to graduate without taking some awesomely awkward senior portraits.

A Facebook friend posted this link on her page and I decided I had to share it with all my friends – like now. As my friend Matt said when he saw it (literally a minute and thirty seconds ago), “omgggggggggggggggggg this is the best thing ever” – his words, not mine.

This blog has been all business thus far, so I figured I’d add a little bit of comedic relief. So, without further adieu, here is the link to 30 Awesomely Bad School Portraits. I promise, you will not be disappointed if you click on that link.

Just to make sure you understand, here are a few of my favorites:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Go on and look at the rest of the pictures – the captions are nearly as funny as the portraits themselves.


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