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How To: Lemon Pudding Cakes

My step mom teaches high school AP Environmental Science. Ever since she started teaching about 7 years ago my family has been hyper aware of our environmental impact. We started recycling just about everything, compost, participate in electronic recycling, etc. Unfortunately, as a college student, I can’t afford to take the environmental measures that my parents do – it’s expensive!! They only buy produce from local growers (no food from over 100 miles away), eat vegan meals once a week, go to farmers market every week and only eat fruits and veggies that are in season, they even have their own planters boxes in the backyard. The fresh food tastes so much better than the stuff I buy at school (have you ever had organic strawberries? They are ridiculously sweeter and tastier than the regular kind.)

Anyway, I guess all of that was just a roundabout way of telling you where I got the following recipe. My step mom bought a healthy living cookbook a while ago. They try at least one new recipe every week. The following was one of the first recipes that they tried from the book and it has been a favorite recipe for the entire family ever since. For my video editing class I had to film, narrate, and edit a How To video similar to the style of HowCast. I chose to do the healthy lemon pudding cake that my family loves. Check it out! And try the recipe… it’s delicious!!

What are your favorite recipes?

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50 People, 1 Question: San Francisco

I absolutely love these Vox Pop videos. There are “50 People, 1 Question” videos from all over the world. I liked the San Francisco one for multiple reasons: I love the personality and diversity each person brings to the video, I am from the Bay Area and it is always nice to see videos/articles from your home town, and it is shorter than the other 50 people videos and therefore keeps my attention better.

In my video editing class we talked about the length of videos and how shorter videos are bound to keep an audience better than longer videos. This one is a perfect example. Although I would sit through a 50 People, 1 Question video that was longer than 3 minutes, many times people lose interest after 2 or 3 minutes and don’t watch the video through to the end. I feel as though this video holds attention and isn’t so long that it loses the viewer’s interest.

What do you think? Do you like this style of video editing? What didn’t you like about the video?

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Amazing Video Editing – Symmetry

In my Journalism 303 class we are learning how to edit video for the web. Each class meeting we look at about 5 videos that display different types of editing, sound effects, filming techniques, etc. Yesterday, we watched the following video (found on Vimeo) and it blew me away.

Note: I tried to embed the video, but it appeared as though the embed code wasn’t working properly. I will try to embed it at a later time, but for now here is the link to Symmetry.

The clips are fantastic. The sound is even better – pay attention when the adult is walking the baby across the pool deck. It is amazing that you can hear the foot steps over the music. That displays some pretty amazing sound editing skills.

One thing that I like about Vimeo over YouTube is that there seems to be more of a standard for the video quality. They have less “amateur” videos and it is easier to find something of higher quality, perhaps filmed and edited with more experience. There is also a certain journalistic quality found on many of the Vimeo videos that I have seen. And, well, as a journalism student I am naturally drawn to those types of videos. (Don’t get me wrong – YouTube definitely has its perks – hello, David After Dentist or Honey Badger anyone? – but Vimeo and YouTube serve different purposes. And yes, we did watch both of those videos in my Journalism 303 class.)

What did you think? What are your favorite YouTube and Vimeo videos?

P.S. The other videos posted by Everynone on Vimeo are also worth checking out. You will not be disappointed.

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Favorite Thing about San Luis Obispo

This is my first official attempt at video editing. The sound is a little off and the clips don’t flow quite perfectly, however I thought it turned out pretty well all things considered.

What is your favorite thing about San Luis Obispo?

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