no Tomorrow for Today co-host Meredith Vieira

09 May

It was confirmed today that one of America’s favorite morning news anchors, Meredith Vieira, will be leaving NBC’s Today in order to spend more time with her family. Entertainment and news sites alike have been discussing the possibility of her departure since April, but it was only this morning that Vieira confirmed the rumors on today’s broadcast. Vieira explains, “I really hope to stay in the NBC family, that’s my goal, it just won’t be sitting at the couch everyday.” Vieira, who took over when Katie Couric left the show in 2006, will co-anchor the show for the last time on June 8, 2011. (Side note – Katie Couric is also leaving the CBS Evening News. Read the CBS announcement here.)

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The Today page on MSNBC’s website has an article explaining Vieira’s reasoning behind leaving the show. The article, which includes an image of the Today team as well as links to videos, photos, and reports by Vieira, explains that Vieira would like to spend more time with her family. Speculations about declines in her husband’s health have been circulating the media recently, however Vieira explains that he is currently in good health and that she is looking forward to spending more time with him and their three children.

“Time is one of those weird things,” says Vieira. “You can never get enough of it. It just keeps ticking away. And I know that I want to spend more of mine with my husband Richard and my kids Ben, Gabe and Lily.”

Although MSNBC was, of course, the first news site to report on Vieira’s departure, other news sites such as ABC, the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, and many more have posted similar stories. Entertainment sites such as People, the Huffington Post, and even Perez Hilton have also posted stories about the popular anchor. Many of the articles posted by other news and entertainment sites include short articles about Vieira and her decision to leave the show, as well as information about Matt Lauer and the rest of the Today cast. Most of those sites have a copy of the AP article about Vieira, and perhaps a photo of Vieira (some with Vieira and the rest of the cast). None are as in-depth as MSNBC’s report, however.

Local NBC affiliate KSBY has released their own video clips of Vieira’s announcement, along with commentary on the announcement from Daybreak co-anchors Richard Gearhart and Carina Corral. Other local news station KCOY has not covered the story at this time.

Vieira’s departure will bring along some changes in the organization of Today. It was announced that Ann Curry, an anchor and foreign correspondent for Today, would be taking Vieira’s co-anchor position. Curry’s position will, in turn, be filled by Natalie Morales. Curry explained of the reorganization of positions, “we get to keep it in the family.” Although there have also been rumors that Matt Lauer will also be leaving the show, the Today co-anchor denies those rumors and explains that he loves his job and won’t be going anywhere soon.For more information on Vieira’s departure, visit any of the sites listed above or simply type “Meredith Vieira” into your search bar.

Fun Fact: Meredith Vieira and soon-to-be-ex co-host Matt Lauer share a birthday – December 30

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