Multi-Media Reporting: The Ariel Wesler View

28 Apr

Multi-media reporting is becoming more and more prevalent in the world of journalism – broadcast and print journalists alike are asked to adopt more skills and be more versatile when it comes to their reporting styles. Ariel Wesler, a broadcast journalist from local station KSBY, agreed to meet with me so that we could talk about journalism, multi-media reporting, and the beautiful Central Coast.

A graduate of USC, Wesler has worked for different stations throughout the West Coast. He ended up in San Luis Obispo a few years back and is very happy with his placement. Wesler explained to me that he is accountable for his own filming, reporting, and video editing in order to get his story ready for the 5 o’clock news cast every day. As a reporter for KSBY he is required to update his story online at least three times a day, not to mention post on Facebook and other social media sites.

One way KSBY is different from other news stations is that it requires its reporters to not only update their stories on the web, but also they are expected to update the Facebook page and let the station’s followers know about the journalists’ personal lives, rather than just the people on the TV screen. Ariel uses Facebook and other social media sites in his personal life, as well as his professional life. He loves being able to receive instant feedback from his followers. “The best part of my day is when I get feedback from viewers,” he says. “You are starting a conversation, you may have changed somebody’s day. You have a lot of power as a journalist – you have the chance and the opportunity to change public perception and I think that is something you should be proud of.”

As far as the future of journalism? Well, even though the topic is extremely prevalent not only in journalism schools, but in the industry in general, Ariel doesn’t think the industry is going anywhere fast. He explains, “I’m excited. I think my job will definitely be relevant… I don’t think our industry is going anywhere, I don’t think it’s dying at all.”

Whew – as a student who will soon graduate with a journalism degree, that is nice to hear.

Note: the original interview took about 20 minutes – this is an edited clip. Leave me a comment if you would like to hear the full version of the interview.

My interview with Ariel Wesler was extremely interesting and eye opening. A big thank you goes out to him and the rest of the KSBY staff who were so helpful over the past week!

Want to read some of Ariel’s stories/see some of his videos? Visit the KSBY website and search “Ariel Wesler.” Here is a link to one of his favorite stories: Teens experience dangers of distracted driving.

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