Amazing Video Editing – Symmetry

27 Apr

In my Journalism 303 class we are learning how to edit video for the web. Each class meeting we look at about 5 videos that display different types of editing, sound effects, filming techniques, etc. Yesterday, we watched the following video (found on Vimeo) and it blew me away.

Note: I tried to embed the video, but it appeared as though the embed code wasn’t working properly. I will try to embed it at a later time, but for now here is the link to Symmetry.

The clips are fantastic. The sound is even better – pay attention when the adult is walking the baby across the pool deck. It is amazing that you can hear the foot steps over the music. That displays some pretty amazing sound editing skills.

One thing that I like about Vimeo over YouTube is that there seems to be more of a standard for the video quality. They have less “amateur” videos and it is easier to find something of higher quality, perhaps filmed and edited with more experience. There is also a certain journalistic quality found on many of the Vimeo videos that I have seen. And, well, as a journalism student I am naturally drawn to those types of videos. (Don’t get me wrong – YouTube definitely has its perks – hello, David After Dentist or Honey Badger anyone? – but Vimeo and YouTube serve different purposes. And yes, we did watch both of those videos in my Journalism 303 class.)

What did you think? What are your favorite YouTube and Vimeo videos?

P.S. The other videos posted by Everynone on Vimeo are also worth checking out. You will not be disappointed.

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Posted by on April 27, 2011 in Jour 303, Just for Fun


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