Professional Facebook a.k.a. LinkedIn

14 Apr

LinkedIn is a professional networking site which connects people in the professional world. Students use it to find jobs, professionals use it to connect with colleagues new and old, and people from similar industries connect to other businesses in order to collaborate or simply discuss recent trends. LinkedIn serves as a sort of online resume. In addition to uploading cover letters and resume information, people can also write recommendations, join groups, send LinkedIn e-mails, update statuses, and search for jobs. It is like a professional Facebook.

Unfortunately, LinkedIn is not like other social media sites which are gained at the more “fun” side of the industry. LinkedIn – because it is a professional site – does not help drive people to personal blogs such as the ones we created in class. On the plus side, LinkedIn does include applications (similar to WodPress Widgets) with which you can link your blog and upload recent posts. One may decide which posts to link to their LinkedIn account by tagging the post as “LinkedIn.” The post will then be automatically uploaded and posted on the LinkedIn profile. I have not posted my blog on my LinkedIn account yet because there is some update work that needs to go into my LinkedIn account.

I did, however, post the link to my Facebook article on websites such as Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. I did not see any sort of increase in activity to my article. Perhaps I need to be more diligent about it, or maybe I need to work on making more interesting headlines for my blog posts.

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