Parolee Arrested on Ramona and Tassajara

14 Apr

Early this morning I woke up to men yelling at each other. I live in a college neighborhood so I am used to people being awake – and loud – at ridiculous hours. This, however, seemed different. It was about 4 a.m. and the men seemed to be extremely angry – much angrier than I’ve heard any drunken students in the area.

When I left the house around 7:10 to take the bus to school, about four police cars were blocking off the intersection between Ramona and Tassajara. Unfortunately I had to get to campus for class therefore I couldn’t stop and interview the police about what happened, however I found a few articles from local news stations about the situation.

Apparently there was a fight between a recent parolee and some police officers. Three police officers were injured, however none of the injuries were severe. The parolee, Jason McMaster, was arrested and taken to a local hospital for treatment. He will face multiple criminal charges. More information will be available soon on local news sites.

Original stories available at: KCOY and KSBY news sites.

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