Dangerous Suspects Wanted in Connection to Meth Lab Bust

12 Apr

Two Paso Robles residents were arrested late Thursday, April 7 in relation to a methamphetamine lab at a local residence. Narcotics detectives raided the house in question, finding the lab and arresting two suspects. Treilee Milton, 42, and David Manning, 43, have been taken into custody. Milton was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and a probation violation while Manning is facing charges of possession of precursor chemicals with intent to manufacture the drug.

Location of the methamphetamine lab.

Image retrieved from

Also suspected to have a connection with the lab are Ryan Block, 28, and Airis Biddle, 19, both of Paso Robles. Biddle has two standing felony warrants and both are wanted in connection to multiple burglary cases. Block is considered to be armed and dangerous. The public is warned not to make contact with or approach the pair, and to call local authorities if they have any information that may be helpful. Block and Biddle may be identified as driving a white, late model Chevrolet pick-up truck.

Please call 805-549-7867 if you have any information regarding this case.

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